May 27, 2011

Adopted into Grace

I was adopted when I was 3 days old, So I don't remember vividly what it was like without my adopted parents, kinda like how I was adopted into grace at a young age and don't have a large memory of life without Christ. So my perspective on being adopted is mostly in retrospect, rather than comparing two lives. When I look back, I am so grateful that my biological mother didn't believe in abortion, and hadn't bought into the lie that I was just a clump of cells (the argument in her day was probably whether I was human, compared to today's calling me a parasite) God used a "mistake" to bring me into the world... I'm glad God doesn't make mistakes. His plan is perfect, and though we still sin, He is still in control. He was in control when my adopted mother wanted children but couldn't have one, He was in control when my biological mom didn't want a child but was given me.
Adoption isn't the same as parents having a child of their own (also a gift from God) but rather it's parents seeking out a child. This is amazing to me, when I was unable to walk/talk/live on my own and unaware that I was in a helpless state, my parents sought me out and rescued me, much like God when I was sinful and opposed to Him.
Adoption shows Grace - we are given life (1.21 million (in 2008) children were not given that privileged) it also gives us a smaller picture here of God's masterpiece of salvation; God loving us when we are born into a different family (sin nature) and legally making us His own.

  Adopted into God's family, Derek

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