June 01, 2011

The Gospel

God came down into the world to show His love,
Humbled Himself to die, that our relationship with Him could be made right,
Bearing the weight of our many sins, He lived perfect and came to forgive.

Since the beginning God wanted us to live; in reliance and dependence on, giving glory to Him.
But right at the start we corrupted our hearts, Chose us over Him; the original sin.
Though we ran, God took us back, gave us the law and said to fear Him.
Have no god’s before Him (none carved or molded, even ones unspoken) for God is sacred; above all else, Creator, Sustainer and Worthy of Praise. His name is not to be used in vain
Set apart the Sabbath as His day; keep it holy.
Honor your Father, Honor your Mother
Don’t kill
Don’t commit adultery
Don’t Steal,
 Don’t lie,
Don’t Covet
Over time we missed the point; we judged the outside when God looks within
We twisted the law to make ourselves sufficient,
We crafted ourselves at the source of wisdom.
But we’re still Humans; born in Sin.
God being Holy can’t live with this;
So He made Him, who knew no sin, to be sin for us, that we might receive the righteousness of God
Not based on anything that we have done, but only on God’s love.
Let’s stop to think on just what this means; I can’t earn God, he chose me.
My sins are forgiven, nailed to the tree
This is the Gospel; That the Creator GOD came down to earth,
Showed us that even when we think we’re our best; we’re just as filthy as the rest;
Whoever keeps the whole law, yet falls in one point is guilty of all.
Not only outside, it starts in the heart; when we hate; we’re murders, when we lust; we’re cheats.
That’s why we need God to intervene.
Left to ourselves we’re without hope; but Christ Jesus brings life to all who believe.
Christ comes to live in us; gives us the law now chiseled on our hearts.
Though we still fall when we try on our own He walks with us and calls us His own
Pulls us up out of the muck, we try to dust ourselves off with our filthy hands,
but Christ washes us clean like only He can.
Genesis through Revelation; it’s all God’s word- see for yourself this love story unfold.
Reconcile with God and be reborn.